Frequently Asked Questions

Shopping online is so handy; it’s quick, it’s convenient and it’s great value for money too. But we know one of it’s drawbacks is you can’t ask someone a question easily. When you do ask you need to wait for an answer and that might take a few hours depending on the time of day. So we thought it was a good idea to create a section on our site that answers every question we’ve ever been asked. We hope it helps you, if not please get in touch and we’ll answer for you, we’ll post your question in this section it might help someone else in the future!

  1. Are the epaulettes sold in singles or as a pair?
  2. Do you deliver overseas?
  3. Can you provide quotes for uniform items?
  4. Do you offer next day delivery?
  5. What is the inside leg measurement of your male trousers?
  6. What are the different types of epaulettes for?
  7. What are your epaulettes made from?
  8. Do you supply non-iron shirts?
  9. Can epaulettes be washed?
  10. Do you offer refunds?
  11. What size is an XXX-Large NATO Jumper?
  12. Are your chef whites and your chef wear machine washable?
  13. What length is a clip on tie?
  14. What’s the difference between a Bullion Cap Badge and a Bombay Cap Badge?
  15. What uniform does a Merchant Navy trainee need? 
  16. What sizes are Merchant Navy Uniform trousers available in?
  17. What sizes are Merchant Navy Uniform skirts available in?
  18. Where can I buy White Uniform Shoes for Working on a Cruise Ship?
  19. What Uniform should I take to work on a Cruise Ship?
  20. If I can't find my size on the website could you order it in for me?
  21. What type of cards do you accept for payment?
  22. Can I deliver to a different address from the person who is paying?
  23. Do your items have a guarantee?
  24. Do I have to register to place an order?
  25. Could you supply garments with a company logo on them?
  26. I ordered an item from you but it hasn't arrived, what should I do?
  27. TIPS For Keeping Clothes Looking New for Longer